A Day in Segovia

After a short (by American standards) night of clubbing, I dragged myself onto a bus to Segovia, Spain. Waking up wasn’t easy, but Segovia itself was definitely worth a couple hours’ visit. The program through which I was studying organized a bus ride from Madrid to Segovia as well as tours of the Iglesia de la Vera Cruz, the Alcázar de Segovia, the historical section of the city, and the famous Roman aqueduct.

The coolest part of this church is definitely that it was built in 1208. This was definitely one of the oldest buildings I’ve ever been inside! The architecture is also really interesting; it’s hard to tell from the photo above, but the church is dodecagonal, giving the interior a circular appearance.

The Alcázar de Segovia is any amazing sight to behold from the outside. Inside, it’s even prettier, with gorgeous tiles like those pictured above and fascinating sights like Queen Isabel I’s bed. It didn’t look very comfortable, but who I am to judge? I especially loved the chance to look down onto the intricate garden on one of the Alcázar’s rooftops.

The aqueducts and old-fashioned carousel (pictured above) were probably the highlights of the city. I’d never before seen an aqueduct, let alone been so close to anything built by the Romans. If you need a good day-trip from Madrid, Segovia is worth exploring, although I personally found it to have fewer activities than cities like Salamanca or Toledo.

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